Your support is powerful.

Help eradicate hunger

Your support is powerful.

Help eradicate hunger

About Us

Feed The Hungry Nepal (FTHN) is a Youth-Led, Social Business Organization with a vision of ending hunger in Nepal. The journey began as a collective effort of five energetic teenagers on June 5th, 2020, and expanded exponentially into a formal organization. To date, we’ve mobilized 400+ volunteers to support 50,000+ individuals through 10,000+ HNL (Hunger No Longer) kits and 12,000 Thaali (cooked meal sets) in 12 districts of Nepal.

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Mission Statement:

Feed The Hungry Nepal is planning various social enterprises to end hunger and also aims to develop a proper self-sustaining ecosystem for social enterprises. 

Vision Statement:

Feed The Hungry Nepal aims to eradicate hunger in Nepal by prioritizing farmers through technological advancement and social ventures


Thaali Sets

Lives Impacted


Our Values


Firstly, be kind to yourself and the work you do. Secondly, practice kindness in and out of the workplace. Lastly, Always be kind to each and everyone around you. 


Always be curious, re-imagine and redesign, listen, have an open mind, and always have the courage to say “I don’t know” and “What’s next?”


Honor the practice and achievement of sustainable development goals. Think, plan, act, and achieve, embrace discipline and effectuate real change.


Advocate and work for change together. The one major requirement is the will to work for a hunger-free Nepal in a bias-free workplace


Practice militant transparency, pay regard to those who have helped us and those who have received help from us by being honest in our hearts and on paper. 


Have faith in your convictions, create and respect boundaries; both your own and that of others, recognize and appreciate effort whenever or wherever you take notice of it

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